• What to Pack for Napa!

    What to Pack for Napa!

    You do not need much for Napa but there are a few essentials for your trip. Some of the things you can pre-order and have shipped to your hotel… thank you Amazon, while others you need to bring with you! We have been to Napa 6 times so I think that makes me semi pro!…

  • Hidden Gems of Calistoga

    Hidden Gems of Calistoga

    Calistoga is a cute little town 30 miles north of Napa. You can find great food, amazing wineries and fun places to stay. You can find my full Calistoga Itinerary here! Hope you enjoy! UP VALLEY INN The best place to stay in Calistoga! The Up Valley Inn has a hot springs pool and adorable…

  • Denver Weekend Getaway

    Denver Weekend Getaway

    We love to getaway to Denver when ever we can. Typically we are headed there for an EDM concert at Red Rocks so we are always trying new things and new places. Below are all of my finds and the list will continue to build the more we go so always be checking back!! Pro…

  • Best time to visit Napa

    Best time to visit Napa

    We have visited in January, May, twice in September and October. There are pros and cons to visiting at each time. We specifically haven’t gone in the summer due to the extreme dry heat. I personally can’t sip on red wine when I’m baking in the sun. WINTER: The perks of visiting in the winter…

  • BUBBLE BRAID tutorial

    BUBBLE BRAID tutorial

    Bubble braids are super easy to do and can be done with most lengths of hair. They work great for the beach, pool or with a cute hat to run errands or for brunch. All you need are small hair rubber bands. I have found the best to be found on Amazon in clear or…

  • Tahiti Road Trip

    Tahiti Road Trip

    Ready for the best day ever? This was our second time driving around the island of Tahiti. I included details from both trips! Other Tahiti info can be found on my Best of Tahiti blog! For the best guidance I have linked my google maps HERE so you have an exact itinerary! We always recommend…

  • Salon or Studio Must Haves

    Salon or Studio Must Haves

    I have found that the items listed below are MUST HAVES in your salon or studio. They elevate client experience, boost retail sales and organize your life. *DISCLAIMER: I do receive a small income from AMAZON when you purchase through my links. I appreciate your support! VELVET SCRUNCHIES These are a must for sectioning with…

  • Beach Hair Tutorial

    Beach Hair Tutorial

    This easy style is great for a day at the beach or by the pool. I wore this style almost daily while soaking up the sun in Moorea! All you need is a ponytail! The tutorial can be found below or on my IG @angelas_atelier.

  • Chateau de Vie: a review

    Chateau de Vie: a review

    Chateau de Vie is a stunning bed and breakfast property located in Calistoga near Napa. It has always been on my list to stay and we finally did! Established in 1998 this home gives you a unique experience. I loved this property and would highly recommend booking. The price ranges from $270 – $450/ night…