• Best of Napa

    Best of Napa

    After 4 yrs in a row of Napa trips and about to leave for our 5th, these are some of my best recommendations! Always check back! You never know who has been added! AMIZETTA We were referred to Amizetta from our driver, Napa Driver Tours. I highly recommend dropping my name when you make reservations. […]

  • Best of Tahiti

    Best of Tahiti

    This dream vacation was not possible without Scott’s Cheap Flights. I’m giving my sister, @spinraverepeat,  85% of the planning credit. Although we had a few layovers, we purchased our tickets for $485 per person. I highly recommend signing up for their premium account. It’s $50 a year and has already saved us over $1500 on […]

  • Hidden Gems of Moorea

    Hidden Gems of Moorea

    I loved this island. Below is all of the amazing places we visited.  We took the Aremiti Ferry from Tahiti to Moorea. We were able to bring our car on board and it was about a 40 min trip. I do recommend having a rental car. It makes it much easier to get around the […]

  • Napa Highlights

    I am officially wine and Napa obsessed. We recently invited a couple to join us on our second expedition. Find my other favorites from our first trip here. This trip required lots of research to find the hidden gems and something fit for foodies. We stayed at the Hampton in Napa for the second time. […]

  • A Quickie in Amalfi

    A Quickie in Amalfi

    We visited the Amalfi Coast for only a few days before our Celebrity Cruise. We arrived via Rome but I would suggest flying into Naples and hiring a driver. ** IF you get motion sickness, the roads are winding and they drive like crazy people. But here are some suggestions we have if you ever […]

  • A Taste of Napa

    A Taste of Napa

    I was always a bit hesitant to visit Napa. I thought it was too fancy, too expensive and not my style. Well to clear it up, its not any of those things. Yes it has it’s touch of class but we found it affordable, fun and gorgeous. We decided to save money by staying at […]

  • Weekend Getaway: NOLA

    Weekend Getaway: NOLA

    This was my first and probably last visit to New Orleans. Let me clarify why. The culture was inspiring, the food was delicious but it is dirty, sketchy and questionable. I do still suggest visiting and experiencing the city for what it can offer. That is the purpose of this blog, to inform you! The […]

  • Highlights of Fort Collins

    Highlights of Fort Collins

    As you all know I am a huge foodie and most of the times a “drinkie” as well. The main reason I love to travel is to find new palate pleasures and fun adventure. I traveled to Fort Collins and its surrounding areas with my family and stayed with my aunt so unfortunately this blog […]

  • Your hairdresser wants you to know…

    Your hairdresser wants you to know…

    No, really. We want you to know!