• Boston

    Day 1: Ryan left the house at 7 am to get all of his work clothes from the dry cleaners. Well somebody there couldn’t get out of bed and open the store, so he waited almost 40 mins for the girl who said she was coming to show up and decided to come home. He […]

  • Coastal Mini-Venture 

    Coastal Mini-Venture 

    This little day trip was almost a full adventure but we had time constraints on the rental car and Ryan needed to get to his conference. Scary part is I was the driver…in a Fiat 500…that was lime green…driving in downtown Boston. Dang I should’ve gotten a picture. We started in Boston and took the […]

  • Temecula


    I stumbled upon the city of Temecula while trolling Groupon for things to do near San Diego. A wine tasting in Temecula popped up, so I jumped on TripAdvisor and started to research. I was able to book us a wine tasting tour on the Grapeline Wine Tours and found a really nice hotel, Hampton […]