Pool Hair Care Tips

With the hot summer air upon us, pool time is an absolute MUST to cool off. Although my best tip for taking care of your hair in the pool is to not get it wet, I understand we all want our Little Mermaid moment! So below are some tips to make sure your hair color doesn’t fade out too quickly, your hair extensions don’t absorb the chemicals and your ends don’t feel like plastic Barbie hair.

*DISCLAIMER: I am a licensed hair dresser and am verified by R+Co to retail and make commission off my affiliate links.

If you are going to be dipping your hair in the pool, I highly recommend pre wetting your hair in the sink or shower. Imagine a dry white sponge being used to clean up fruit punch. Once you rinse it, it still has a pink hue because the punch absorbed into it. Now do the exact same thing with damp white sponge. It may take longer to clean up the punch only because the sponge has less capacity to absorb it. Same thing happens with your hair!

Adding to the sponge story, this is another great way to create a barrier for your hair. Fun Fact! Did you know that the green tinge from the pool is not caused by chlorine. Your hair turns green in some pools that have copper pipes. Copper turns green when oxidized, hence green hair!

Once your hair is damp, I always tie my hair up in a bun so that the ends don’t dip into the water. If you are going under water and swimming, please put into a braid. This guarantees you wont have a huge mess when you get out of the pool. Less tangles is the way to go. If you end up with lots of tangles, get after them with a WET BRUSH and CENTERPIECE!

I always recommend clarifying your hair once a week or bi weekly depending on how often you wash. But this is crucial once you are out of the pool. The proper clarifying shampoo is color safe. I recommend OBLIVION from R+Co or MALIBU Shampoo and conditioner. You can even add a Malibu treatment once a month at home or in salon.

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