Tips for Healthy Scalp

Did you know that healthy hair begins with a healthy scalp? Follow these tips below to make your scalp happy! If you notice you do not have any scalp issues, skip to the BALANCE section.

Dry Scalp

When you have dry or flaky scalp your first instinct is to grab head and shoulders. PAUSE! Lets first figure out why your scalp is dry. How often are you shampooing? Are you dehydrated? Stressed? If you are stripping your hair from its natural oils it has nothing to lubricate, which in turns causes you to over condition the scalp and suffocate the follicle. Hormones, stress, weather and vitamin B deficiency can also cause dry scalp.

An easy at home tip is the night before you wash your hair gently massage, scratch or brush your scalp. This will simulate your sebaceous gland to release sebum. This natural oil will calm your scalp and soak in throughout the evening. When you awake, if you aren’t overly oily, don’t wash, see how the day goes. If you notice some oil, when you “shampoo” don’t add actual shampoo, cleanse with your fingers and water. I love this technique for gently removing any flakes but now drying out the scalp with shampoo.

Another option is using SUBMARINE from R+Co which contains citrus fruit enzymes that gently removes excess flakes. The best part is its gentle enough to be used daily. When using, be sure to pre mix with water in your hands!

Oily Scalp

First tip for shampooing: if you wash daily, why? If you are washing daily, you could be drying your scalp out. I recommend ANALOG, a conditioning cleansing rinse. Your scalp will feel clean while conditioning your ends and scalp!

Oily scalp happens when you over-active your sebaceous glands. Some of the reasons this can happen is you are not shampooing properly or overly shampooing, hormone changes or your scalp is compensating for dryness.

Second Tip: if you already only shampoo every few days, try a double wash once a week. I shampoo twice in one day once a week. I started by using either OBLIVION to clarify or ACID WASH to remove all of my dry shampoo. Think about when you are washing a greasy pan after cooking. You typically start to remove the layer of oil, but then need an extra scrub to actually clean the pan!

Extra Oily Scalp: Many of my clients teens have issues with extra oily scalps. This can also happen during an hormone change. It can take a few weeks to balance out the scalp so be patient. Using the right dry shampoo, not a drugstore brand that suffocates the hair follicle, will allow the oil to be absorbed while the scalp can still breathe. The best scalp product for excess oil is CROWN exfoliating scrub. Between the naturally derived exfoliant, ingredients like Salicylic Acid and Kaolin help remove build up and absorb excess oils.


Healthy hair growth starts with a healthy scalp… INSERT SUPER GARDENS! If your scalp has mild redness or you want to continue to have a healthy scalp, read on! SUPER GARDENS wash kit has hemp derived CBD to help soothe the scalp and stimulate healthy hair growth. CBD helps to reduce inflammation, which can stall hair growth. Oils including coconut and eucalyptus invigorates the scalp and nourishes your hair strands. I love using this once every 2 weeks to get a spa like shampoo and condition at home with the soft mint scent. It is safe for all hair types including colored!

*By using the links and purchasing from my affiliate account, not only are you supporting a small business but insuring you are receiving new, fresh product that has not been compromised, which is a risk you take when purchasing ecommerce off amazon or other unauthorized sites.

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