Coastal Mini-Venture 

This little day trip was almost a full adventure but we had time constraints on the rental car and Ryan needed to get to his conference. Scary part is I was the driver…in a Fiat 500…that was lime green…driving in downtown Boston. Dang I should’ve gotten a picture.

We started in Boston and took the Tobin Bridge to Revere Beach Blvd. The Revere Park right at the roundabout. It was such a windy day so hardly anyone was out. We continued to drive on Revere a Beach Blvd through the cute little town until we jumped onto 1A to Salem.


Once we arrived in Salem, we went to the Salem Witch Trials Memorial and walked through the cemetery. Most of the names were very familiar; Bishop, Nurse and Good. The witch trials were so sad, yet walking through that cemetery was creepy. If I were any of those men or women who were executed, I would for sure come back and haunt those people, witch or not! There were some interesting buildings around town. Due to time, we only explored for about 30 mins. Next stop; Gloucester. IMG_4422

We took hwy 128 into Gloucester, the city were the Perfect Storm took place. The Fisherman’s Memorial was beautiful. It sat right on the water with gorgeous views. It was such an interesting town with winding roads. Next we drove to the Eastern Point Lighthouse. The road to get there states PRIVATE PROPERTY, but we drove through. I am so glad we did. Holy crap, were these homes beautiful. It was like driving through Pebble Beach 17 mile drive. Gorgeous coastal homes with magnificent views. The lighthouse was really pretty, but it once again was so windy, we didn’t stay long.


I really wanted to go up to Rockport to Halibut State Park but it was another 20 min drive up hwy 127 and at least a 20 min hike to the coast. It would’ve been beautiful, but I picked going to the apple orchard instead. If you have more time, I’m sure its worth it. So you either continue on 127 after Rockport to meet 128 or stay on 128 from Gloucester, once on 128 take 133 though Essex and Northgate Rd to Argilla Rd.

Once again due to timing we skipped taking Argilla Rd to Crane Beach, boo. But we stopped at Russell Orchards. I finally, in the 10 years that I have been with Ryan, got him to an apple orchard.  We didn’t walk the orchards, but we had some delicious apple cider and walked through the farm. The kids there were so rude to the animals, just screaming and yelling at them. Both Ryan and I were crossing our fingers that the animals would bite them, yeah, yeah, yeah we are so horrible. But I’m sorry, stupid kids don’t need to be all up in the animals face.


The shop had a lot to offer. Fruit wines, various apples, cider donuts and fudge. I refilled my cider and we hit the road. Enjoying our donuts and caramel apple fudge, Naughty! It was a fun little coastal trip. We were a bit too early for the leaves to change, so looks like we are going to need to repeat!

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