A Quickie in Amalfi

We visited the Amalfi Coast for only a few days before our Celebrity Cruise. We arrived via Rome but I would suggest flying into Naples and hiring a driver.


** IF you get motion sickness, the roads are winding and they drive like crazy people. But here are some suggestions we have if you ever visit, which I highly recommend.IMG_3968

A few things to note to make your stay easier here is to learn the local bus schedule, ask how to hire a taxi or just rent a scooter. Driving a car here would be difficult as the roads are narrow and parking is hard to find. Some local lingo; ham is prosciutto and hot salami is pepperoni. You will be charged 2-3 euro per person at meal time for coperto, this is to cover bread, water etc.

We rented an AirBnb in Praiano, which is a smaller town along the coast. Our apartment was FABULOUS and our host Paola and Luca were so helpful. We rented the Caravaggio bis apartment.  You have a private sundeck, another private deck off your living room, kitchen and the best part….this BOMB private indoor pool. Your little oasis is just footsteps away from your bed!

Paola and Luca were so helpful. They arranged a car pick us up, helped us order food, suggested specific bus routes, made our reservations to Capri and she offered for a charge to bring us breakfast every morning. The breakfast was amazing!! They have 2 other rooms they rent as a bed and breakfast so it’s the perfect place to rent with a group. Every morning we had cappuccinos, orange juice, fresh fruit, ham, croissants and hard boiled eggs.

DAY 1: Off the Plane

We arrived to our Airbnb around 3 pm. Our first night we were supposed to go to a limoncello tasting in Amalfi. Did you know you can book intimate experiences through Airbnb? Wewere not aware of how to get there or if taxis were a thing, so we missed it. I have now learned they are hard to come by, but if I asked Paola would call us a cab. I am bummed we planned poorly. Paola helped us order Che Bonta delivery. For 7 Euro you get a pretty dang good buffalo margarita pizza. They are one of the only restaurants open all day. Most in the area close between 3 pm and 7 pm.

DAY 2 : Positano

We used the local bus to visit Positano. The city is busy but lots to see along with amazing views. We were dropped off at the top and walked all around. I wish Positano wasn’t so far because there were many photo ops along the way. In Positano, I found a local sandal shop where they made a custom sandal right in front of you. They were 85 euro but honestly they are my first pair of custom made shoes! We caught the bus back to the apartment and hopped off slightly early in Praiano to walk and stop at a local market for some cheap wine and water.

We went to dinner at Ristorante Franchino just a few steps from our apartment on our second night. We sat outside with a nice view of the Med Sea. We were greeted with a complimentary glass of champagne and bread. Our server was very helpful in choosing a wine and main coarse for us. I had the red snapper ravioli and our desserts were divine. We learned that its rude to ask for the bill and when I asked the server if we should tip, he said yes… that is lie. After researching many blogs, some servers take advantage of North Americans and expect a tip, but it is NOT needed. Also they take their time here so if you are ready to go you say “Scusa il conto per favore” “excuse me, the bill please”. LESSON #1.

Day 3: Capri

We went on a boat over to Capri. It took us around 1.5 hrs to get out there. Capri has a few things to offer but we only had 4 hrs on the island. I forgot to pack my list of things to do here so unfortunately it was a basic visit for us. The don’t allow pedestrian cars, you either take the tiny local bus or rent a cab. I didn’t make reservations on our boat early enough due to the unpredictable weather so I missed out on the one thing I wanted to see… the Blue Grotto. I was so disappointed. I mean honestly that was the only reason I wanted to go to Capri. So don’t make my same mistake and assume every boat goes there.img_7465.jpg

We walked the streets and window shopped. A stunning LV caught my eye so we stopped in, purchased and I will always have a memory to go with that handbag. The maps around town are very easy to follow. There are many great view points to capture fabulous photos. Honestly the water here is a magical color. So very different from the Caribbean. Capri’s local bus that will take you to Anacapri, which is where the famous chair lift is located. Add that plus the Blue Grotto for Capri take 2! The beach we hung out at was super uncomfortable. Lots of rocks and hardly any sand. I highly recommend pre-tanning or spray tanning. The locals are dark AF and you’ll stand out.

Our last dinner in Amalfi was at Ristorante M’ama at the Hotel Margherita. The hotel was an option for us to stay at and after eating here…I would have. You have the most gorgeous view, which I highly recommend going for lunch so you can enjoy it. The meal from start to finish was perfect. Greeted with a complimentary glass of champagne and a great wine list. We order a 55 euro 2009 bottle from the Amalfi Coast and loved it. Note they do offer a complimentary shuttle to pick you up and take you home.

Do not miss these ( like we did!):

  • Villa Malaparte
  • Green Grotto
  • Blue Grotto
  • the city of Ravello
  • Mount Solaro chair lift
  • Giorgios Granita Stand
  • I Faraglioni (30 min boat ride)
  • the city of Amalfi

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