Friday Favorites: MN Distilleries

I am beyond impressed on all of the cool distilleries popping up all over MN. I am a huge fan of fun cocktails, so visiting these locations are high on my list. Below are my top suggestions! Please note, some I have not visited since COVID but many have fabulous take home cocktail kits.


Dampfwerk Distilling has the coolest vibe with German inspired spirits and an amazing cocktail line up. The decor is simple and the customer service is the best. We have sat at the bar (which has plexi glass up for COVID safety measures)and also spaced out tables. All of their cocktails are made with liquor they have produced. They offer fruit brandies, herbal liquors, gin and single malt. They will be coming out with a new spring menu soon but my fall/winter favs were the Alexis Rose, Teddy Roosevelt, Floral Gimlet and the D.W Sour. They offer a few snacks, my favorite is the charcutterie plate. Be sure to check out their happy hour and purchase a bottle of their liquor. Due to a ridiculous MN law you can only purchase 375ml per person per day. We have a collection of 4, not only because their booze is delicious but the bottles look amazing in your bar.


There are so many fun perks for visiting Royal Foundry Craft Spirits! My favorite thing other than the cocktails is the badminton court. Get a great workout in while drinking great spirits. The space is huge so pre or post COVID, there is plenty of spots to sit and hang, including a great patio that over looks their cycling track. British themed spirits, decor and sports all in one building. Their cocktails include gin, barrel aged, single malt and rum. My all time favorite drink was the Black Knight; whiskey and blackberry. I hope they bring it back soon!


Two Rockstar reasons I love Lawless: MIRACLE pop up and cocktail kits! Lawless was the first to hit the take home cocktail kits during COVID. The drive wasn’t always fun but hell, I couldn’t work so I had nothing else to do. Each cocktail kit comes with everything you need and they are delicious. My favorite part of Lawless is they are a part of Miracle pop ups. During Christmas, cocktail bars all over the US literally vomit Christmas all over their space. From holiday themed drinks, cups and completely over decorated. I was obsessed when I attend Christmas of 2019. They do have a patio to enjoy drinks on this summer.


We discovered DuNord from our summer using the Passport Program (hopefully returning once COVID is over). The offer tours and have the coolest set up. My favorite spirit they make is the apple liquor, which can be found in the Wealthy Apple Cocktail. Fun fact about Du Nord is its America’s first black owned distillery! Chris Montana has done so many things in our community for BIPOC and women. Supporting your drinking habit at his bar, supports his passion! Its a win win! The bartender that has helped us both times was beyond and offered great customer service.


New to the scene in October, Skaalvenn has the most creative cocktails and the lounge literally takes you to a high end Japanese cocktail lounge. Owners Mary and Tyson are so inviting and are always looking for the most creative beverage ideas. From a cocktail inspired by an everything bage or a spicy layered rum cocktail to a perfect sour, we almost tried everything on the menu. They also offer delicious snacks! Fun Fact: my husband worked with Tyson years ago, so if you get to meet him, ask him about the story of Ryan’s psycho “girlfriend” Cocktails I recommend are Bagel Juice, Neapolitan Dynamite and the Hot Toddy.


I personally found out about the Flying Dutchman during COVID so I have only done their take home cocktails. The kits come with everything needed but you are only allowed one bottle of liquor so I recommend still purchasing a kit and using your booze at home. My personal favorites are the rosemary pomegranate gin fizz and the chupacabra. Cocktail kits are my favorite way to enjoy the weekend. I highly recommend picking one up for your weekend fun.


I haven’t visited Tattersall since COVID hit but I can tell you they are the best. They have a huge bar and bigger patio. Many of their drinks are more refreshing and light vs sugary and heavy. During the summer they typically have food trucks and live music. During COVID they offer bottled cocktail kits and you can find many of their spirits in local liquor stores. Watch for future tours when things go back to “normal”.

Cheers my friends and happy drinking! Tag me when you sip at one of these spots!

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