What to Pack for Napa!

You do not need much for Napa but there are a few essentials for your trip. Some of the things you can pre-order and have shipped to your hotel… thank you Amazon, while others you need to bring with you! We have been to Napa 6 times so I think that makes me semi pro! We’ve learned a lot of tips and tricks.

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Bottled water delivered to your hotel when you arrive. Not only do you need to stay hydrated but this will help with the hang over. Plus hotels charge so much for bottled water. Pro tip: if you pack the wine suitcase (see below), you can pack your water there and bring with you!

Wine Sleeves are a must to keep your purchased bottles safe in your suitcase. I have found you can check 3 for sure to stay under 50 lbs. If you pack light enough, you can pack 4 in each suitcase. Shipping your wine back is expensive. This will save you money!

Liquid IV will be your bestie! Wine tasting takes a lot out of you! TRUST ME, this will help. It’s small enough to pre pack but you can ship it with your water! I have yet to have a hang over in Napa.

Wine suitcases are a MUST! Yes you have to pay to check the bag, unless you have the Delta credit card, but we have priced it out and its much cheaper to check 12 bottles to bring home vs pay for them to ship home. Some wineries don’t even ship to MN or it can cost $15 just to ship one bottle and you have to be home to receive it. This is the most affordable I have found. You must also purchase the insert or if you have wine shipped to you, you can use the box and insert.

All of the fashion. You can find some of my dresses for sale on Poshmark or purchase new. My blog for must have vacation outfits can be found here! Pro Tip: if you are doing lots of yours, I suggest flatter shoes. Walking the vineyards tipsy can cause more instability!!!

I always suggest stopping at a Target or having Amazon deliver snacks to your hotel as you will always have drunk munchies! Happy wine tasting and check out more of my blogs on Napa or Willamette!

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